The Highline

If you’re looking for something different and out of the ordinary a must go to place is the High Line, starting on Gansevoort Street in the meatpacking district of New York City.  The High Line makes you feel like you’re out of the city even though you’re not.  It’s an urban park elevated off the city streets with spectacular views.  It’s lined with more beautiful trees, plants and flowers that you could imagine.  The plantings and the floors were all reconstructed from the disused railroad tracks from a long time ago.  Lot’s of movies have been filmed on the High Line.  Now that the weather is getting warmer all the food vendors and vendors selling art and miscellaneous items line the High Line.  There’s the vendor selling the old fashioned shaved ice mixed with different flavors which is one of my favorites.  Since it’s a public area the High Line is free and easy for everyone to walk thru although it does get crowded with tourists and us New Yorker’s but what doesn’t!

The High Line has a lot of history.  It used to be used as a railroad that shipped freight.  It connected to the factories and warehouses which allowed trains to load and unload their cargo inside buildings.  By doing this traffic wasn’t disturbed on the streets way back, but railway traffic dropped throughout the nation because of the growth of the interstate trucking companies in the 1950’s so the line was demolished.  

After many years of vacant property the High Line was completely recycled into an urban park and helped revitalize the meat packing neighborhood and real estate in the area.  It has been expanded over the years and now goes all the way to 34th Street near the Javit’s Convention Center. For quite some time now this neighborhood has had awesome restaurants, shops and hotels.  There are plaques all through the High Line so you could read about all the history and how the objects from the railroads have been recycled and transformed into what you see today.  It’s also close to LAB and a very cool place to visit.


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