The adventures 0f Mit roney

Mit roney awoke in a dark room full of puppies. He could feel blood running down his dumb looking forehead, dripping on the floor. Mit roney looked around, and he could just make out the faint sound of people speaking outside his cell. Mit roney listened. “I just don’t get it… so he exploded into treats?” The phrase was being repeated every 5 seconds by a man with a thick russian accent. Mit roney began to pick the lock with a dead frog. His shackles fell to the ground with a clatter. He flinched; surely the guard had heard the sound. He grabbed a fullly automatic heat seeking nuclear fragmentation HEAT warhead HE clusterbomb self guided missile launcher from it’s spot on the wall. just as the guard, who was half bear half shark, opened the door Mit roney unleashed 30 said missiles at the steel reinforced door.




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