So many!



How’s the last few weeks been treating you all? It’s been such lovely weather, and school is pulling through to a close. Many people are gearing up to take long summer trips, or go prom shopping, or they are anxiously awaiting their Gov Ball passes in the mail. At least once a day, the hallways erupt into cheers as another senior promposes to someone they swear is just a friend. People sit outside to eat their baconeggandcheeses at lunch. Iced coffee is an acceptable beverage (though it never wasn’t). Everyone has committed to colleges and universities.

As usual, I have been weeping my life away.

Because there are so, so many reasons why I am crying this time, I’m going to make a short list:

  1. The doctor said I’m officially done growing. I will never be tall enough to be a fashion model or a basketball player. My genetics have closed the door on so many height-based opportunities, and I’m so young.
  2. I’m so young.
  3. I can’t seem to own matching socks. This is highly distressing.
  4. I wanted to make a concept album but I never followed through, now I want to make it again. This could be good, except for the fact that I want to make a concept album.
  5. I never got to be a preteen Youtube sensation like Rosie Courage.
  6. My dad gave me 20 dollars today.

I can’t tell if it’s allergies or straight up tears I’m crying, but it’s amazing. I love to hurt!

Until next time!


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