@CKFits- Follow the New Instagram

Social media has become an obsession and lifestyle in today’s society. After a failed Instagram account that I barely utilized over the past few years, I have decided to start a new account. This new Instagram account, @CKFits, will solely focus on fits and fashion, as a way to express my clothing preferences. I plan on posting daily (although it may not be), pics of my outfit for the day, along with a song lyric to make my posts both visually and mentally entertaining.

With this new account, I hope to share my life with everybody, through music and style. I think we can really express ourselves through social media if we use it as a beneficial platform. I hope to gain many likes and followers because it is not your average account, as it can touch and relate to people all across the world. I want to encourage everybody to take pride in what they wear and not be afraid to promote styles to others. I don’t wanna be “Insta-famous”, I just want to use Instagram to bring about humor and style.

As I start out, I will use my basic phone camera with basic filters. Hopefully, I will end up with better cameras and doper shots, but to start out, I will go nice and slow.


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