3 Easy DIY Stylish Art Projects

One of the ways I pass my time other than reading is doing something active–especially with my hands. I always love to create things, whether it be origami, knitting or simply refurbishing old antique things to make something new and chic. Most things I DIY I find on Pinterest, my go-to for everything whether it be what I want to do or just what I love. Pinterest is an awesome site where there are photos of everything; I usually have things such as a quotes board filled to the brim with wise sayings as well as a fashion board for things I want to wear. Pinterest has everything you could ever want from A-Z and is always a reliable source of creative, new ideas.

These are a few that I’ve found to be really cool or inspiring for me. Hopefully, you find them inspiring as well!

1. Making Lightbulb Flower-Holders:

Making these simple but elegant works of art isn’t hard at all! Most houses have a lot of old bulbs lying around in boxes or up in attics since almost everyone’s switched to LED lights (way better for the environment); if you still use the old bulbs then this is even more simple! It takes a strong hand but all you need to do is take out the bottom component as well as the inner wiring, leaving only the metallic rim and glass base. From this, you could choose any type of string (my favorite is the brownish eco-friendly hemp twine). From this, simply clean the bulb (to get rid of any unwanted chemicals), add water and a few freshly cut or pulled flowers and you have a beautiful new accessory!

2. Seashell Candles:

To accomplish this stunning DIY find, simple take a few old tea light candles hidden around your home for whenever that storm hits and leaves you in the dark and trade it in for these decorative candles instead. All you have to do to complete this DIY is by heating each tea light candle in a pan of water over a stove for about seven minutes. Be careful! It’s hot and if done wrong, it could be very messy! By the time the candles have heated up they should have taken their liquid form. You can use small tongs but essentially you can simply take your liquified candle and put it in the seashell with the wick facing up. Once you let it dry, you should have a very new candle!

3. Easy Seaglass Affect:

This easy effect can be produced by using Elmer’s glue and a few drops of food coloring (the number of drops depending on how bright you want the effect to be). Mix a large enough amount of the concoction and use a brush to paint over some glass fixtures around your house. This easy and efficient DIY gives us a spin on normal glass and gives us some unique new pieces of art!

I hope all of you enjoyed these few DIY tips and use them to make your houses/apartments look even more unique and chic.

Thank you for reading! ❤



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