That’s what it says on the clock of my laptop, alarm clock, television, and phone, but that time will pass by by the time I finish writing this blog post.

It’s 2:37am and I am still wide awake, took a shower about 3-4 hours ago, and I haven’t napped today, or should I say yesterday (cause TECHNICALLY Saturday the day I last woke up was yesterday..ha get it..) anyway yeah I’ve been up quite a while now. This isn’t due to senioritis, or due to being a high school student, it’s the consequence of being a procrastinator…and maybe a LITTLE senioritis but psychology students have told me that, that is not a real thing so..

What am I doing up? Well I just finished TWO things on my current hw-to-do-list. I was bored and awake in the middle of the night and for some reason I’ve decided to come onto word-press and write a blog post, but the topic I have no idea. I guess this post can be a bit about what NOT TO DO, like DO NOT procrastinate. Sleep is IMPORTANT, but in my opinion I think it depends on the person. I would rather get some things done and not sleep, then get sleep and get NOTHING done, as long as it’s not a consistent-sleepless nights.

This is most likely my most random and weirdest blog posts yet, but at least hey I can’t always be all deep and sometimes a person just gotta say what’s on their mind in a place where it doesn’t matter if no one else cares, ya know?


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