Okay so I know all I do on this blog is b**** about my grades and act, but I can’t help it. I took a pact last night and I am still so unprepared. I don’t understand how to use commas or any form of simple punctuation. I also don’t understand how we’re expected to learn to use them at this point in our lives. We barely spent any time in english learning about basic punctuation which to me is a lot harder than people make it seem to be. Especially to those who speak more than one language, knowing how to correct writing is hard. The english section should be the easiest section and yet I’m still having a lot of trouble with it which is very annoying. The reason it’s so annoying is because I don’t do well in the math, reading, or the science sections! At this point I don’t have any section to really balance out the other. I have to continue studying which is so annoying because It’s one test! I shouldn’t be having to spend this much time on studying for a single test that isn’t going to matter in the next 2 years. Going back to how we never had in depth education on punctuation in school is very unsettling. I feel like it’s something we were expected to pick up on over time and master ourselves which in my case never happened.  To this day I have trouble using punctuation and it’s coming back to haunt me with this test. So sos. If you have any tips on grammar and punctuation that you think would help with the act feel free to share.


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