Herkimer KOA Diamond Mines

So today is day one back from spring break   and back at it again with the school work. Some people went to Mexico, Some stayed home. I, on the other hand, went camping like usual.

Every year my family and I go camping at one KOA or another to get away from the city and see other places. We’ve been to one in Mystic, Connecticut and other places upstate or out of state. This time around we went to one up over in Herkimer, ever so close to Canada (if only we had brought our passports) and it was pretty neat. We were in the Digger’s Den cabin right by the lake. Although the cabin was small, they were pretty generous in providing blankets and soaps and the cabin was obviously rock themed (mining stuff). The wonderful view of the lake right out the window, the hush from the lack of traffic and clutter of people, the fresh and cool chill air were just wonderful. First time we were all so relaxed, even my dad seemed content and reverted to a five year old’s demeanor (LOVE YA DAD!!! 😀 ). Yes, the experience at Herkimer is up there with Mystic, something different and something relaxing.

We tried our hand at fishing (although there was not much success there). We went to a shop called “Stewarts” with pretty nice people and yummy sandwiches and ice cream. Then we went mining!!! Across the street from the KOA campground we went and paid the entrance fee and got tools and watched an instructional video and we were then sent out into the mining area. Dusty and rocky the area was pretty vast, we picked through the boulders and tested our luck by examining boulders and looking for a flash, porous rock, a sparkle, or droozy ( baby diamonds not quite developed yet). After almost four hours of intense non stop work we managed to amass a decent quantity of tiny diamonds, the biggest one being about the size of my thumb nail. I got pretty roughed up from trying to lift the boulders and losing my balance as I clambered over the piles of rocks, but besides the exhaustion that I later felt, I was content and glowing. It truly was a fun vacation, and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.



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