Freestyle of the Week: Food

Nobody out here taking my bread, I stack you up my blankets on a bed, savage I am for a dollar a day, A$AP told me my teeth were grey, they should be gold like the fish in the sea, two doors open but I need three, late for the show cause I wanna look fresh, but my mood is not right and my views are far left

Food gives me energy, my body feeling great, protein for my muscles and snack time goes real late, on my daily grind, I do it for the fam, I’mma stick it out just to prove that I’m the man, haters just distract, take me off my game, slurpees on the low, bouta raise my fame, didn’t work too hard, but I got it done, playing games for sure, don’t know where I’m from, peace

Always making raps, do it how I like, wanna drive a car, couldn’t drive a bike, for miles I fly, a new level been reached, like a bird I will soar, my kicks looking clean

Food bro, food bro, food bro, food bro



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