The World Is..


Among the cloud of random thoughts that come to her mind, she wonders what is she doing? What is she doing with her life and what will she do after? Why do such deep thoughts always seem to happen at the most random of times. Is she just a naturally curious soul? What is life? What is the meaning of life? What is death? What is anything really? 

Sits by a window looking at nothing, and everything at the same time. Her mind wanders off, but her gaze stays the same. Reflects on the past and thinks about the future. She understands herself, yet at the same time confuses herself quite often. Sometimes her friends seem to even know more about her than herself. Other times people do not know her real self. 

The world is a mysterious, annoying, and confusing thing. Filled with laughter, happiness, crying, sadness, tears of sadness and joy. There is a light and a dark side to everyone and everything, like the Moon. 

She likes how nothing and no one is ever just one-sided. It gives her more to think about and wonder about in the world.

What do you wonder about? Think about? Reflect on?



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