KCON 2016

I am so happy to say that I am going to KCON this year. Not only will it be my first time going to a concert, but it is also the first time that my Dad is not being overprotective. I am beyond excited this year to go as BTS and lots of other excited artists are coming. However, the main reason I want to go is because of BTS. Last year they came to NYC, but unfortunately I couldn’t go as it was during the winter time and the concert ended at 10.

I would have to say that going to KCON is going to cost lots of money. Single tickets range from $50 to $400 and the combo ranges from $70 to $800. Because I am an avid fan, I am looking to buy the $150+ ticket and that is going to break my wallet. However, thinking about it, I feel that it is worth it. Why? Well, this year there are great artist performing. BTS, Seventeen and Day6 are some of my favorite groups. And this is the first time that they will be performing on stage together. When is there another time where I will be able to experience this? Also KCON is a day dedicated for K-pop fans all over to come and celebrate their passion and love for K-pop. Its a day for fans to mingle and meet other fans. Its a great experience to come and spread the love of K-pop. What’s even more is that this will be the second year KCON is held in “NY”. Well technically NJ, but people claim its the same. I can’t wait and all I need to do now is buy tickets. Tickets are being sold this FRIDAY, the 13th at 1pm. Its sucks that I will be at school that time, but I will try my hardest to snatch those tickets. These moments are usually a life or death situation. You will either be extremely happy or extremely sad. May I have the power to get some tickets!!

For more information on KCON visit the KCON 2016 Official Site at http://www.kconusa.com/


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