Artist POV

Photography is not the only way in which artists bring awareness to social issues like the garbage that we produce. Artists like Banksy who is known for using his stenciling techniques in public spaces in order to spread certain messages that have to do with political issues, moral issues, and social issues. One of his art pieces that he has be credited to, despite being an pseudonymous artist, is pictured below. His artwork is unique because he uses irony and sarcasm alongside the manipulation of his environment in order to develop elaborate pieces and schemes that almost criticize society to make them think about things differently like he does. “I Don’t Believe In Global Warming” picks at the issue between those who oppose the fighting for climate change and those willing to fight for the issue of climate change and emphasizes the fact that it does exist in the world but he presents it in his artwork in a way that almost shows people how to think. 


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