Things Happen

Last year, on one of my trips to the Dominican Republic. At my grandparents parents house I sat down on a rocking chair in the porch and stared at the house across. Due to my grandparents wealth, their house stood out from all the other houses. I was approached by China  four years of age, and Annalea of six years of age. I could see the curiosity in their eyes and as if they had known me their whole lives they begin to ask millions of questions, without hesitation.

“Hi.” I greeted. She feigns a smile. “What’s your name?”

“Annalea,” she responds. “Do you want to know what I’m going to be when I grow up?”

Surprised but interested, I asks, “What will that be?”

“A doctor,” She says in a slow tone. She hangs on the metal bars pushing herself forward and back as if she is shy.

“Where are you from?” Sparks out China. “I never seen you here, who are you?” “I like your clothes and your shoes. Where you get them?”

“She’s from New York China!” Says Annalea, while giving me a smirk.

I giggled at their assumption. “You know you have to do all your homework and get good grades.” I directed to China.

“I want to, but my mommy says I will have to wait until she can get the money.” She respond.

“Do you go to school Annalea?” I ask.

“No. It costs too much money.”

As I continued speaking to them, I soon learned about the struggle of being enrolled in school in the country. I went on to do my own research on the educational and economic issues that pertain to the Dominican Republic and I was appalled to learn that my country, the one I am so proud of, allowed for money to hinder young children the right to be educated.

I have been traveling back and forth from the United States to the Dominican Republic for the past twelve years. Every year I learn a little more about myself and the country. ‘Why do I feel inclined to make a difference in this government?’ I ask myself so many times, but quickly answer, ‘My goal is to protect the life of a culture and invigorate the lives of the forgotten.’ I will do this through the will of the people, the assurance of a president, and a faithful political team and system.


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