Technology’s Effects on People’s lives

As technology advances, more and more people use them. The internet is one thing that is used world wide. Many people use it for kinds of reasons such as watching videos like Netflix, Putlocker or Youtube, or social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many others. These things are very fun to use and enjoy throughout our daily lives. Another thing that many people love to use are video game systems such as the PS4, Xbox 1, Wii, PC (Computer games), and many others. I personally love playing video games by using the PS4, and love to watch videos and Youtube, and Putlocker. However, as more and more people get hooked up onto technology, and more future generations of kids use it too, it can affect their lives in a negative way.

One negative impact that technology can put on people is laziness. People would rather stay home doing whatever they love with the internet or video games than to go out to do any physical activities such as sports, or even taking a walk in the park. Taking a walk once in a while feels very good because you are by yourself. You get to enjoy the environment and weather wether its nice or not. You get to feel yourself in terms of how you feel by what you think, and what you think about during your walk. Personally for me, it feels kind of peaceful when I go on short walks because I feel alive sometimes when I do that. It’s like “I am one with my body” kind of thing. But people who don’t “like” to do that or may say it is “boring” to go on walks don’t understand that because they don’t do it enough to know what it feels like. People also tend to say that it is “boring” or they have “nothing” to do when they are not using the internet or playing video games. That’s not true. They can play sports or even exercise at home which is a very healthy thing for the body.

Another negative impact that technology can put on people is the damage that their eyes will take by using it for long periods of time. Many people people pull all nighters either watching videos or playing video games. Staring at a screen for long periods of time can put of strain on people’s eyes which can cause permanent damage such as vision problems. Their eyes will also dry out a lot because of staring at a screen for so long without blinking. It’s important to always blink your eyes because that helps your eye retain moisture. However, many people do not realize the little amount of times they blink while staring on a screen and that becomes a problem.

It’s important for people to discipline themselves on the amount of time they use technology. People need to educate themselves better on how much time they should spend on their tv’s, or phones, or computer screens so they can have time to do other activities which can be healthy so as sports, or exercising. It doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t use it that much any more. It’s just that they need to have better timing and discipline when they use technology.
















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