Take Me Back to Puerto Rico!

During vacations like the one we just recently had, my family and I usually never go on vacations because we don’t have the means to do so. While most people are sun bathing on the beach of a beautiful tropical island, I’m stuck at home having pitifully watching their Snapchat stories. This year however, my brother, mom and I went to Puerto Rico for Spring Break!! As a Puerto Rican, who has never been I was really excited to take on this journey with my family.

We took a late flight out from JFK and arrived in San Juan at about 1 in the morning. I sort’ve regretted dropping AP Spanish this year, because once I stepped off the plane almost every sign was in Spanish. Furthermore, when we stepped out of the airport to catch a taxi we were hit with the type of heat we weren’t used to back in Antartica (aka NYC). We drove to our hotel and was really impressed with how spacious our suite was. Our vacation was off to a good start and I really couldn’t wait to explore the rest of PR.

We spent a whole week there. We visited Old San Juan, we walked to El Condado which included cool restaurants and the beach, and El Morro, an old war fort. Each day was better than the last. Our sunburns hurt but who could go wrong with good food and beautiful weather? Going to PR inspired me to want to go study abroad during college. Being in a new place but without my family would be a really really cool experience and I hope to do that in the future.



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