Dog’s, known as man’s best friend, are so special.  They have unconditional love and are lot’s of fun to play with.  I had a black Labrador named Sheba, but she unfortunately passed away when I was young.  I do remember the fun times I had with her , she never got annoyed, she was just like a big furry kid.  

There’s so many great breeds of dogs both large and small and even more rescue dogs that are looking for great homes.  There’s shelter’s, the ASPCA and foster dog people to name a few just waiting for families to adopt these dogs.  There’s even rescued dogs, different from a rescue dog.  My uncle has a rescued dog named Dino.  Several years ago someone told him that there was a baby Labrador in an apartment building that wasn’t being treated very well.  My Uncle having recently lost his Lab was anxious to get another dog so he and my dad went to this building and found Dino (who he named) in the building all crouched up in the corner.  He was obviously abused by the look of him and only 5 months old.  My dad and my uncle scooped him up and rescued him from the horrible life that he was living.  He was cold, hungry and skinny.  With a trip to the Vet and a lot of love and attention within weeks Dino became very spoiled and very special to all of us.  He is very attached to my brother and barely leaves his side when he’s home.  He’s also very protective of me and my family.  He’s a huge Labrador weighing in at around 115 pounds of solid muscle so I can wrestle with him and he loves it.

If anyone is looking for a pet you should check out the many shelter’s that have pet’s just waiting for a great family to adopt them!


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