Camping Dream Pt.I

Camping, something I enjoy very much. Waking up to the cold mornings with the morning dew. The warm sensation of being in a sleeping that has sealed the heat into your body from the outside world. Feeling gust of wind blow through the forest and hearing all the leaves rattling, nature’s wind chimes. These are the sensations felt when sleeping in a forest, it’s really hard describe properly.

I have two deep passions: technology and camping. My dream is to backpacking through the different national parks, all the climates and biomes these 50 states have. After that it’s to go backpacking through other countries and see other vistas. When I have a job and save enough money I just want to go. Buy a internal frame pack so I could choose between my external and a nice OSPREY internal frame pack. I have a mummy sleeping bag, a sleeping bag liner, two leatherman multi tools, mess kit and the clothes for it, and my height probably peaked or is about to so I don’t have to worry about buying new gear. All I need is a small light weight one~two person tent and or a hammock. I already know what to get rid of to reduce unnecessary weight and MRE’s are probably what I would go with for meals but those can be expensive.
The next post will be places I want to go to, categorized by climate/landscape.


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