GOT7 Concert Tickets Sold Out

On April 30th, the Korean pop band GOT7 concert tickets in Playstation Theater at New York were being sold online at AXS 10:00 am. The price for tickets ranged from about $60 to around $250. However, within the 6 to 8 hours, the tickets were sold out. The tickets sold like hot cakes. Thankfully, the tickets are being resold in other websites—however at a much higher price. At StubHub, the tickets range from about $330 to $1400 each. That’s over 5 times the original price range!

I, being a major GOT7 fan, a.k.a IGOT7, missed out on the concert tickets during time they were being sold at AXS. When I found out, about this, I was extremely upset. Korean pop band usually never perform in concerts in New York City. Most of them go to perform in New Jersey if they actually ever do because New Jersey has more space. So when I found out that GOT7, my favorite band, was coming to New York City, I was enthralled. This was pretty much a once in a lifetime chance! It would be my first time going to a concert performance. Little did I know, my heart was broken when I found out that the tickets were sold out too soon.

When I realized that the tickets were being resold, I had a glimmer of hope left in me. Maybe, I’ll be able to see GOT7 perform in New York! However, as I looked at the ridiculous prices for just back row tickets, I was yet again let down. I was completely crestfallen. I didn’t have the money to afford the concert tickets. Although, I did save my money, I wouldn’t be able to afford to pay for just one concert while digging in to my life savings. Basically, I won’t be able to see my favorite members of GOT7 sing and dancing.

So while, while GOT7 performs in New York on July 5, I’ll stay at home, thinking about how I missed out on such an opportunity. Sigh…. Maybe next time, I’ll be lucky and I’ll get to see GOT7 perform.


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