worst day ever

So today I woke up really late at 7:35 am, thats not as late but for me it is because it takes me at least 30 mins to get dressed. This is due to the fact that i woke up late and ended up having my friends wait 10 mins. But to be honest i meet up with them late everyday and they get tight. So after we met up we walked to the station and we missed like 3 trains and on top of that when i got on the train and it was delayed so we had to wait 10 mins for it to move. But luckily; we got to school at exactly 8:30 am so we technically weren’t late. Then after all that i walked in and the worst thing possible happened  someone decided to step on my shoes and when they did the paint chipped off!. That ruined my entire day because these are my favorite shoes and I got them yesterday.


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