its not renaissance art i hate you

This is a personal attack on the maker of the once popular tumblr blog, “ugly renaissance babies,” who posts almost solely photos of medieval and proto renaissance paintings that include babies and children.  I am appalled by the complete lack of respect the owner of this blog has for both art and factuality when he, over and over and over and over again mislabels medieval art. Blasphemous.
 Although the renaissance (which started in the 1400s) comes right after the medieval era, they are in no way the same. There is a clear distinction between the artistic styles of the two eras, and the way babies were painted. In actuality, most renaissance artists panted babies as chubby pink-cheeked cherubs, and not as the deathly-yet muscular-tiny old men that are in many of the medieval pantings featured on the site. Yes, there are many examples of renaissance art that include slightly off looking babies and children, and some of those pantings are on the blog, but a majority of the truly ugly baby paintings are from before the 14th century. 

Look, here are two paintings, both of the virgin Mary and baby Jesus. The first is Madonna and Child with the Book, by Raphael, panted in 1503, during the renaissance. The second is by Duccio, my favorite Italian medieval artist, and it is one of his many pantings of the madonna and child, from sometime in the late 1200s. 

Inline image 1

Look, this may not be the most shapely of babies, be he sure as hell is not ugly. 

At least not when compared to this masterpiece

Inline image 2

And to the general public: not all art is renaissance art. Pls stop referring to every piece of art thats not ancient or modern as renaissance art. Its probably not.


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