I want to be in college already

I know that everyone says this- as a kid, you always want to grow up faster. When you grow up, you wish you were a kid again. This is probably true; and by the time I get to college, I’ll probably really miss high school.

However, there are some things about high school that I’m so sick of. I’ve always been a really independent person and I like to do things on my own. I don’t really like asking for help (like from teachers and stuff), I’d rather figure it out myself. Being in high school makes me feel like I can’t be independent sometimes: I don’t get to choose my classes, I don’t always get to make my own decisions, and teachers sometimes treat us like we’re 5 years old and incompetent. I really hate it. I wanna be in college and make my own decisions. I know that teachers mean well, but I also really hate it when teachers treat me like I’m five and are always in my business and expect me to tell them everything that’s going on in my life, or think that because I missed school one day, something must be wrong. I want independence!! And to have professors who treat me like I’m capable of making my own decisions (which I am).

At the same time though, being a teenager is so great. I can’t imagine being an adult with responsibilities and paying taxes. My biggest stress right now is the ACT- which is kind of great when you put it into perspective. I have so much free time compared to my parents, I have close to no responsibilities. I wish I could have the best of both worlds!


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