Spring Break

Spring break means different things to everyone.  Some people use their spring break as a way to get away and go someplace away from home.   I stayed in New York during this past week for my spring break and had a staycation, meaning I didn’t go away.  This vacation fell out during the Passover week so I had a lot of family over for a Passover Cedar.  We had lot’s of good food and company and that’s very important to me.  This was also a stress free week for me because there was no school so I had a lot of winding down and relaxing time from my usual daily routines.  I spent some time with old friends that I don’t generally see as often and we had fun together.  I laughed and saw the movie Barber Shop with my parents in one of the new AMC movie theatres which has big cushioned seats where you can sit back and also put your feet up if you want to.  It was like watching a movie in the comfort of your home.  Awesome, but don’t go tired because you could really fall asleep, that’s how relaxing it was.  I played video games and caught up on my reading.  Now I’m geared up for the last stretch of my junior year at LAB.


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