Family Vacation

Last night was my brother’s birthday and so my family went out to dinner. My mom had the idea of going somewhere over Thanksgiving break instead of the summer since everyone’s so busy.
My dad wants to go to Mexico but I know I would get so bored. Laying out in the sun by the beach sounds appealing to me but last time I had a family vacation like that, I ended up really bored. I like the sun and the beach but I can’t lay out doing nothing for more than a day and my younger brothers are more annoying than entertaining.
But I also don’t want to go somewhere, where all you do is look at sights because all my brothers would do is complain. We went to one museum in D.C and all they did was mop around.
So I don’t know what kind of family vacation I want, I kinda just wanna go to bush gardens or somewhere else very simple.


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