Spring Break Must Haves

When going on a tropical sping break with your friends, the packing list seems to be just a little than if you were going with your family.

A few must haves, and necesities are…

  1. Suntan lotion- your mom won’t be there to remind you constanlty so bring it and use it!
  2. Make up remover wipes- they’re easier than using liquids when you get home late and you’re tired.
  3. Many, many different bathing suit options!!
  4. Emergency money, for emergenies obviously
  5. Your lotions, hair products, and make up so you look great
  6. Flip Flops, because you will be living in them during the day
  7. Chargers, so you can tell your parents you’re okay
  8. Band aids, for nay bad blisters
  9. Sunglasses, one, or two, or three pairs.
  10. A disposable camera. To take LOTS of amazing pictures

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