Child Trafficking

Today in AP Literature, we had to think about a social issue we are interested in. Child trafficking– that’s what needs to seriously change.

According to, “Child trafficking can occur when children are abducted from the streets, sold into sexual slavery and forced marriage by relatives, or in any place where traffickers, pimps and recruiters prey upon a child’s vulnerabilities. Poverty is the pre-condition that makes it easier for traffickers to operate.Children are often trafficked, employed and exploited because, compared to adults, they are more vulnerable, cheaper to hire and are less likely to demand higher wages or better working conditions. Some employers falsely argue that children are particularly suited to certain types of work because of their small size and “nimble fingers”.”

I’ll be honest, I live in a secluded world. There are problems upon problems in reality and I’ve never experienced them. Here I am, freely writing my thoughts and living my life, when there are children around the world who can’t because they’ve been enslaved.

Here are some statistics from

This is sickening and needs to change.


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