I had different expectations for what second semester senior year would be like. Every year before this one, the seniors had a very laid back schedule, got little to no work, and had a lot of time to be with their friends before college. As a second semester senior now, all of that is far from true. I have so much work in all of my classes and I don’t see it slowing down any time soon. I get projects and tests and essays. I still spend more than 2 hours on homework every night. It is the middle of April and there are so many other things on my mind relating to my future in college. Every senior has received their college acceptances, and most have already committed to a school. I don’t understand why we continue to get so much unnecessary work. Of course I don’t expect to get nothing at all. After all we are still in school, and I would be fine doing some work. But at this point I don’t think tests should be required.

With the weather getting nicer, all seniors want to do is relax and enjoy all the time they have before we all go off to college. We have all worked so hard these last 4 years, and have all gotten into amazing colleges, and I think we all deserve to get less work and to stop stressing. No second semester senior should be feeling overwhelmed when in a month and a half they will graduate. It just doesn’t make sense!!


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