Space faring species Pt.1

Can we become a space faring species? How will it change us? How long will it take for us to become one? What is a space faring species?

A space faring species is a race/species that can actively travel through space via spaceship/rocket. In sci-fi it is like startrek and star wars. Currently we have only been able to have shuttle launches, send humans to the moon, ferrying between the ISS and earth, and have sent rovers to mars. We have sent “space telescopes” into orbit, and various probes. The only man made object we know to enter interstellar space was the Voyager 1 which has left our solar solar system.

Currently we use chemical rockets to travel to and from space. It is highly inefficient to travel great distances with chemical rockets. Currently new methods are being researched to close the gap in traveling.

Solar sails are currently being made and improved. The way a solar sail works is by particles of light hitting the “sail” and pushing the ship slightly, the ship being in space means it will move without a force acting on it unless it is within a strong gravitational pull. These particles hitting the sail lead to the ship accelerating and in turn leads to an increase in velocity. This our future, to be a space faring species.
To be continued…


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