I always thought of myself as a person who didn’t like to read poetry. At the mention of it I would always shut it down and claim that it had no relevance to me. But now more and more of my friends have to recommending books to me that I find that I really connect with.

I think that what I have come to realize is that I think I like it so much because you could feel such powerful emotion in such a small amount of words. I love to read. I’ve always loved to read and now discovering this new genre that’s so underrated, I believe, is really exciting to me.

Sometimes the meaning or message isn’t so clear and sometimes it is. And sometimes you even get to decide. That’s  the fun part. Finding out what it means to you. I also wonder what that means about me individually. Sometimes I don’t even realize what the poem is hinting at but I just think of something I can associate it with and that makes it all the more powerful.


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