Hamburgers, Anyone?

New York has some of the best hamburgers around.  You can find great hamburgers in diners, upscale restaurants and small hole in the wall spots.  You can even find great burgers from food trucks that line our city streets every day.

The Shack Shake has great burgers sold from an outside shack in Madison Square Park.  This is the Shack Shake’s original location which became so popular you can find the restaurants all over the city and across the country.  The burgers are great all the time.  My favorite is the Shack Burger made from beef, melted cheese and a soft bun.  The lines are always long even if you come when they open but they do move quickly.

Bareburger also has great burgers.  One of their locations is right around the corner from LAB.  They put the burgers on delicious brioche buns.  Bareburger gets very adventurous by offering bison, elk, duck, ostrich and wild boar burgers beside the classic beef which I prefer.

Last but not least of my pics is 5 Napkin Burger located right in my neighborhood.  The Original 5 Napkin burger with 10 ounces of juicy beef, gruyere cheese, caramelized onions and rosemary aioli on a toasted bun is really, really great.

So the next time your taste buds summon you to have a hamburger, try one of these spots.  You won’t be disappointed!


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