A Whole New World…

Try to imagine a world where money didn’t exist. A world where everything and everyone lived in harmony. A world where people did things for one another without the need to gain something back in return. A world where love was felt more than hate. A world where people didn’t kill each other for no reason. A world where people lived their everyday to their fullest and did purely what made them happy. A world without judgement. A world without hate. A world without prejudice. A world without greed.

Imagine a world where we could travel anywhere in the blink of an eye. Where we could experience life and different cultures firsthand and immerse ourselves in the beauty of it all. A world where there was food and water available for all. A world where poverty and global warming didn’t exist. What a beautiful world it would be. What a perfect world it would be.

This world will never exist, as none of us are perfect, and none of us will ever be, but it’s still nice to dream.



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