Too Much Work

School is so stressful. I feel like I don’t get any time to relax. So far, I have had 3 tests in 2 days and 2 papers due. It is crazy how much work we get. Teens in this society stress over every little thing because it has “to look good for college.”But I do have some tips to help keep te stress away and try and relax:

  1. Meditation- Helps bring you into another world
  2. Deep Breathing-Releases all tension
  3. Time Management- plan your time so you don’t have everything on the last day
  4. Speak to your teachers- I am pretty sure they are more than willing to give you an extension if you say you have a lot on your plate

These 4 easy steps or tips can help you release so much tension. It can help you so much in life because it shows you to be responsible and not everything has to be perfect. You do have some time to breathe.


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