Resting B*tch face


I saw this picture and it was one of those pictures that carried the reaction “OMG SAME” or “ME”. But really, this is very accurate for myself!!

Resting B*tch face is a popular term for a facial expression which usually appears unintentionally angry, irritated or simply annoyed! I have realized over time that I do obtain this facial concept and that there are many features to it.

The most common misconception is that you are a rude person. You are deemed unapproachable, scary or even intimidating! Here are some things we know all too well with this face:

  1. People always assume you are mad!
  2. You always think you look nicer than you look, but you really just look mad
  3. People always think you are mean before they talk to you. They always hit you with the line ” I thought you were going to be really rude before I started talking to you”
  4. (I saw this next one on a buzz feed thing and it does relate!) When you pass by someone you are interested in, you have to either look away or glare at them directly (which is bad since it might make them think you hate them, but it’s just really your face!)
  5. People are surprised when you are nice
  6. People can’t tell whether you are joking or not because they always assume you are serious
  7. People always think you hate them
  8. You always look like you are going to kill someone
  9. “Are you okay?” and “Are you mad at me?” are phrases we commonly hear!
  10. People automatically think you are judgmental
  11. People think you don’t “acknowledge their presence”
  12. People think you are standoffish

There is an upside to all of this though! Those people on the street that give out flyers or people who ask you to take surveys usually avoid you because of this face!





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