A cracked egg seeps into the corroded crevices of a kitchen counter.

Dead fish dead fish dead fish dead fish dead fish

Pescetarian. Pescetarian.


That who I am now

Lemony tails flipping amongst the sun kissed seaweed


That’s what I think

This is also what I think:


I like fish


Fish like to swim


I like to swim


But do fish like me?


I don’t think they could

Why no sympathy for the fish?

I ask myself this

A thick slice of cantaloupe is hanging from the ceiling.

The role of chromosomes in cancer biology hmmmmm

Yeah why not?

But there are more important things than this

Such as,

Mr. Rogers was a vegetarian.

I looked it up

I knew this creature could not steal away the wanderings and wonderings of even the most pitiful pond-snipe

He wandered gratefully in the vegetable kingdom, head atilt

A leaping frog, a bending cow, a spinning duck

Their lives would be guarded and blessed in his neighborhood

In mine, corners are cut and excuses are conjured from a well of self-indulgence that I cannot purge myself of





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