It is ok to be Lonely

So you’re lonely, one of the worst feelings out there. Trust me I know how it feels. And me having someone to call mine doesn’t mean I don’t feel lonely. Darling, I know exactly how you feel.

You feel as if though you are going to be alone forever. You aren’t good enough. You scroll through your instagram, twitter feed, and see all these snapchat stories filled with couples everywhere. And in school you see that everyone is finding someone but you! While they all have someone you are just sitting in your room looking at the ceiling and wondering if you are good enough to find someone.

It hurts so bad being alone like this, and all you want to do is lay and bed and just feel sorry for yourself. But I am going to tell you that’s okay. You can do that if you want. We’ve all been there. We have all cried ourselves to sleep, felt sorry for ourselves because we feel as if no one cares about us or no one cares why we are crying.


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