Being indecisive sucks. I’m usually either really sure of what I want, or I have no idea at all, but sometimes I’m right in the middle and I just can’t decide. Sometimes I’m indecisive about really small things that don’t matter. Like where to go for lunch, or what to wear to school. Or even what movie to watch. But other times I can be indecisive about more serious things. Like where I want to go to college.

Picking a college is an extremely important decision. Even if I’m allowed to transfer after  a year if I’m unhappy, I’m still going to be spending a lot of money for that first year. When considering a college, there are so many things to look at.

Currently, I don’t know if I want to dorm. There are pros and cons to each side and I really can’t make up my mind. If you asked me two years ago, right away I would have said that I want to dorm somewhere far from home. But now I’m really not sure. I had a one week dorming experience over the summer, and there were things that I liked about it and also things that I hated. I liked bonding with the kids on campus, and I liked the freedom and being independent. But I didn’t like the showering situation, or the food, or the fact that I was sharing a room with a complete stranger. I’m extremely picky when it comes to all of these things. I like having the bathroom all to myself and taking my time and not worrying about how clean the floors are. I like knowing exactly what my mom is cooking and I like being able to eat anything from the fridge, whenever I want.

In situations like this, I love making pros and cons lists. Whenever I’m stuck between two things and I really can’t decide, pros and cons lists really help make the decision making a lot easier.


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