Getting a bad haircut

We’ve all been there. That bad hair cut, or hair dye even. I once got highlights that were so stripy looking I cried for three hours straight.  My sister had the same problem not too long ago, it was worse for her because her dye job was bad but so was her cut…

When you get a bad hair cut or dye there are a few things one should always remember and keep in mind.

It’s just hair, it wont stay like that forever, you can re-dye it or the roots will eventually make it grow out. Either way it will not be permanent.

It makes for a really funny story when you’re older. After my hair fiasco I had to get on the plane, but before landing in New York I had a lay over in Copenhagen. I had four hours to find a hair salon, and let them fix me up. I got VERY lucky. I ended up fine on time and went back to school with jus a simple (barely noticeable) change.

Now if you’re not as lucky as I was. You can always try and do some DIY at home. Buy some toner, or hair colour and experiment by yourself. I don’t know if I recommend that entirely because something could go wrong. But if you have faith in your hairstyling abilities then go for it.

No one will think about it nearly as much as you, some may comment on the difference but after a couple days no one will think twice about it. Because at the end of they day people have their own problems to worry about.

All I can recomend is that you learn to love it and deal with it, keeping in mind that over time it will change, or go to a salon again and let them do their job, and make sure it’s right this time.


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