Don Miguel

” Instead of using words, perhaps a better way is to put you face to face with God, so you can see God. And if I show you God, face to face, what you are going to see is yourself. Believe it or don’t believe it, but you will see yourself because you are the manifestation of God. And if you could see what’s moving your body, then you would see the real God. Look at your own hand. Move your fingers. The force that moves your fingers is what the Toltec call intent, or what I call life, the infinite, or God.
Intent is the only living being that exists, and it’s that force which is moving everything. You are not the fingers. You are the force that is moving them. The fingers obey you. You can give whatever explanation you want: “Oh, my brain, my nerves…” But if you go for the truth, the force that moves your fingers is the same force that makes you dream; it’s the same force that opens a flower, or moves the wind, or creates a tornado, or makes the stars move throughout the universe, or makes electrons move around atoms. There is only one living being, and you are that being. You are that force that manifests itself in infinite ways throughout all the universes.”

The Fifth agreement is about different levels of awareness, different levels of being, or artistry, as Ruiz puts it. Its really about forgetting the programming, which has been a major focal point in our lives. He explains that for the past few years, the belief systems in which humans live by, how they are formed, how they guide how we see the world, we need to dismantle them. Only like this we will get back to truth. It’s about seeing our story and seeing other people’s stories, and seeing beyond them. It is about self-mastery, seeing how we work, understanding our creation. The actual Fifth agreement is more precisely, and basically, to be skeptical of our own lies and to be in truth at all times and to listen with the heart. Overall it is about raising ourselves through levels of awareness, from awareness of the Dreamer, to awareness of the Warrior and finally to awareness of the Seer.
Furthermore, he goes on into our energies, it’s 1st manifestation of light, which is the energy and DNA. This is so much more interesting than reading a living environment textbook. The most amazing part is the ideology of how we are a universe (of course) in which we all consist of what we have symbolized as God. I used to think that maybe I was an atom in the body of God, and often wondered if I was part of his big toe, or nose or something . Just where do I fit in anyway? But he says that yes, all of us humans on earth we form an organ of the earth, and the water forms another, and trees another.
This passage intrigues me because it answers my questions and also proves my arguments about religion and science. I believe Ruiz is strong to bring up this philosophy and challenge both areas. As he goes on in the passage, he keeps explaining what he means in many different forms making the reader truly understand this concept that cannot be really seen. I expected it to puzzle me but his breakdowns and writing style make it clear.
At this point Ruiz gets very graphic and descriptive. He is extremely careful on how he uses his “symbology’ to explain the Fifth Agreement and help the reader become aware. At the beginning of the book I expected the fifth agreement to be a hard one to adapt but now I find myself putting all my effort to de-program my belief system. Of course it is a challenge, I have been listening and doing things in my way for years. On the other hand, it is a challenge I will take because since I started to impose the fifth agreement in my ways, I have seen drastic changes.


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