Cali Boy in the City

My friend is in New York for the week from California. I haven’t seen him since last summer when we were in Bolivia (also when we met).

Ohkay, overview: I signed up for a program for older teens to travel for a month to different countries during the summer to learn about culture and society. And we ended up going to Bolivia together with many other people and it was so fun.

I haven’t kept in touch with many but occasionally California Guy and I talk. the other day he sent me a snapchat saying hey, and that he was in New York for the week. I am super excited to hangout with him and catch up since almost a year ago. He’s picking me up after school today to hangout. I have missed him and everyone from our group and its amazing getting the chance to see him again, especially since neither of us have seen anyone at all and I didn’t think I’d get the chance to see anyone again. (So obviously my next goal is to hangout with people from the group who LIVE in New York City and to visit him out in California.

So today I am super excited and can’t wait for school to be over. I feel kind of awkward because my boyfriend gets jealous sometimes but I hope all goes well.

Did I fail to mention that my boyfriend is also picking me up after school. The three of us are hanging out. I think it’s going to be lit, I hope everyone else thinks so too.


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