The Octopus Hunters

I will only give myself a few minutes to write this. The Octopus Hunters have attacked the Lab of Squid Punching and captured it. The Young Squid Punchers managed to escape to tell me what had happened, but I suspect that the Octopus Hunters were not targeting them. I have told too much in my post and I think they attacked the lab, for our squid and squid communicators. I made sure I did not tell too much in post, but some how they have solved the secrets. I’m making this post to ask for help. This is a call for Protocol 314-A. Squid Punchers around the world, we need your help. I will send this through the LabInk portal to avoid the Octopus Hunters, but they will find this. I just hope this reaches you all in time. Farewell, its time for our counter attack.

– Justin


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