When visiting Iceland this past week it was something I looked forward to a lot but at the same time knew it was not going to be what I expected.

Originally I thought it would be a bunch of lakes and mountains and amazing food. And although we did see some spectacular things, like the golden circle waterfall, and geisers, and amazing nature. It is not something I think I will ever WANT to go see again. It’s a place you should and can visit once in your life but I don’t think it’s necesrry to go again.

Since the country is so small there’s not THAT  much to see. If you love to hike I thikn it’s a great place fro trails but again it’s a spectacular, cute place to visit oncen, maybe twice.

What tied the trip togeyher for me was the blue lagoon. We had gone to other hot baths, but this place is something special. It’s so obvous that only tourists go, and they make all their money off of them, but that didn’t seem to bother me. Being in such warm water that’s a pretty blue colour and being in cold weather felt amazing. It’s a big space so it doesn’t feel crowded at all and you can drink and wear mud masks and just relax while the cold wind is blowing against you, yet you don’t feel cold.

The one thing about Reykjavik that dissapointed me was the food. My mother had researched it and found out it was a place that was booming with new amazing food, using “New Nordic cuisine” When in reality everything was overpriced and over complicated. They used egg foam in almost everything, and apple circles, and trends that were used years ago in the food world, such as making tuna five different ways. It wasn’t bad the food, but my expectaions were a lot higher.

After going and experiencing Iceland I found out that it has amazing nature, and views, the town of Reykjavik is extremely cute; they have many, many coffee shops and acitivities to do if your touring the place for the first time. But it is a place that you only need to go to once in your life, which in no means is bad, just my own review.


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