After reading an article about a girl my age who committed suicide at a school not too far away from Lab, I realized how messed up our world- and society is. For some people it is so easy to just be mean to someone, and not think about their actions or words. It is sad that this is what our world has turned into and people aren’t taught any better.

While I was growing up, my family always taught me to treat people they way you want to be treated. Although people’s words are always not as strong as their actions, the fact that people can say things to others without thinking about that persons feelings, is disgusting.

We are fortunate enough to go to Lab, where bullying is not tolerated, but also not even a thought in students heads. The community that has formed within Lab is a loving place. At least to my knowledge, people know how to speak to others– even if we are not friendly, or don’t like them. At other schools, although they may participate in no bullying week like us, it is not taken seriously and precautions aren’t put into place by administration. At Lab, not only do we teach not to bully, we find ways to appreciate others throughout the year.


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