20 Things I Can Think Of Off The Top Of My Head

  1. Cars
  2. Milkshakes
  3. Bananas
  4. Water
  5. Dogs
  6. Bunnies
  7. Mortality
  8. Ice Cream
  9. MTV’s Dan Cortez
  10. Birthday Cards
  11. Candles
  12. Burritos
  13. Country Music
  14. Death
  15. Hot Chocolate
  16. Footballs
  17. Tea
  18. Jazz Music
  19. Maybe there really is no Heaven or Hell in the afterlife. What if when we die we ascend to a higher, collective state where what we consider makes a person good or bad doesn’t matter because in actuality what is good and what is bad are simply our tiny little minds trying to make sense of a universe where nothing does make sense and maybe death is us accepting that we will never understand it and finally having the clarity we have sought all our lives?
  20. Cat litter

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