The Most Unlucky Sports State

Carolina has had a rollercoaster of emotions this year when it comes to their professional and college sports teams. However, the outcome has been disappointing for the people of North Carolina. Perhaps there’s a curse, well that’s for us to decide. This year Clemson made the National Championship for division 1 football. However, they fell short in the championship losing to Alabama 45-40. Then, the Carolina Panthers led by Cam Newton fell short of their first Superbowl losing to the Denver Broncos 24-10. And Two nights ago, UNC got their hearts broken in the National Championship of men’s basketball on a buzzer beater from Villanova. The final score was 77-74 and the people of Carolina were left with the taste of defeat. I feel bad for them, but at the same time they have it better than us New York Fans. We haven’t tasted the playoffs in the NFL in a while and the Knicks, well don’t even get me started. But GO RANGERS!


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