So I don’t know how to write this out well enough, but over the past couple of days my boyfriend has been sleeping over at my house and it has been great. I love being able to go to sleep with him at night and wake up to his face in the morning. I love when he falls asleep and envelopes me in his arms. I press my face against his chest and I can hear his breath go in slowly and out quickly. I can hear his heart beating in my ear and feel the warmth of his body as my legs intertwine with his. Cuddling under my blanket and slowly letting my eyes close and let my mind fall into a deep sleep. I love when he stays the night because I feel safe and protected, and I don’t feel alone. I love him so much and being able to crawl into bed with him at night and sleep makes my stomach fill with butterflies. Not because I am nervous, but because I am so in love with him that nothing else matters in the world but him, like we have all the time in the world to just be.

But this isn’t forever. I am woken by my annoying alarm clock ringing, reminding me that paradise doesn’t last forever. Reminding me that I have to wake up, shower, and go to school. So I slowly get out of bed and get ready for the day. And when I am almost ready to go, I kiss his nose and tell him its time to get up. He grabs me into bed and kisses my face and tells me, “I love you.” So as we brush out teeth together, then our hair. Socks, shoes, you know how it goes.

Not much later we swipe into the train station and he takes me to school. He buys coffee with me. He walks me to the door. He kisses me goodbye.

Then I walk into school. Waiting until I get to see him again the next night.


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