Explosive laser bears

Ha! I got your attention! Now to talk about purely fictional things as if i know what i’m doing.


Local man wonders who created KOTH_Trainsawlaser

Local man Clyde Whathisname is completely baffled why anyone would ever create a map in a video game titled “trainsawlaser”

“I joined the map and the first thing that i was a train with buzzsaws attached to it flying towards me. It also had lasers coming out of it”

As Clyde continued to play he became increasingly frustrated by the amount of enviromental hazards on the map. “There are literally more things that kill you than things that don’t. I just bought this game yesterday an I already want to get rid of it”

If that wasn’t enough the map also features such oddities as explosive laser walls, a giant paper shredder, and a flying laser shooting pony that speaks in falsetto.

“This scared me. Whoever made this map was a sadistic, strange and undeniably murderous person. Probably also related to some cult.”

Clyde now has to take sedatives to keep him from having a panic attack.



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