Everybody gets stressed over the ACT. Its a big part of many people’s future and it drives them up a wall. Two weeks ago, I was a sane person doing my thing. But now that everyone else is one edge about this stupid test, they’re starting to drive me up this wall with them. I am strong and should over come it, but now I feel like I cannot be truly relieved until this exam is over. I’ve been studying, but I feel like I don’t use my time wisely enough. I have a lot of trouble staying on task and it takes me longer to do my work than it should. I kick myself everyday for that and I feel like I need to talk to somebody about it. But that is only part of the problem. The other part of this is how my teachers think its great idea to start assigning test and projects the week of the test and the week before.  As they say on the NFL Network, “C’mon man!” Why? That’s so rude when you could have assigned it 2 week before the exam or a week or two after the exam just stop trying to cram it in before the test. I bet you $5 most teachers didn’t have to do this. And since I get extra time on test, I have to miss a bunch of school during the week on top of worrying about these projects and test. Its stupid that I worry because it’ll all be over before I know it but part of this process is unnecessary stress and the part that is necessary is high key pissing me off.


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