Snacks I love!

I love snacking, eating. I just love food! So, I’m going to share my favorite foods I love to make whenever I’m hungry, or just ways to spice a “plain” food up.

  1. Nutella with Banana Sandwich

Yup! It’s my all time favorite. First, just toast two pieces of bread. Then, generously spread Nutella on both sides of the bread. Then, slice some bananas into small pieces and place on one side of the bread. Press the two pieces of bread together and you’ve just created a masterpiece!

2. I’m in love with peppers and tunas. So here’s how you combine them together.

First, you need to get some pepper boats. Then, slice it in half and take out the seeds in the middle. Put as much tuna inside half a “boat” as you like and repeat on each half of the boat. This is so simple but so good.

3. Apple with Peanut Butter

I know that sounds weird. But it’s good. Just slice up an apple, and put some peanut butter spread on a small dish. Dip the apple into the peanut butter and enjoy. Yum!


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