Honesty is a funny thing. It can uplift you and it can destroy you. Telling the truth And being honest are just synonyms for each other, but hold two different meanings to me. Being honest is revealing one side of the story, your side of the story, what appeared to happen. Telling the truth means unraveling the mystery and coming to terms with the complete and full story, voided of lies. Lately I have been encountering people who don’t know how to tell the truth, but have been honest when I ask a specific question. My mom says if your leaving out parts of the story, your lying. I didn’t think this was true up until now. When you are under oath, you vow to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Leaving out a single detail, would be considered lying under oath. I know a lot of people that, if under oath, they would be in a lot of trouble


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