‘Buried Child’

This weekend I went to go see a play with my friend and her family for her birthday. It was a great experience because we had been planning to surprise her for a very long time so the look on her face was priceless when she realized what was happening.

The play overall was amazing. It was a lot more sad than we all expected but still left us speechless. My friend’s mom creatively said “it’s the kind of story that wakes you up at four in the morning to ponder a different ending.” I thought this was very interesting because I usually hate stories without a definite ending. But it was so entertaining to hear everyone’s different opinion on how they interpreted the ending.

This helped me realize how much more I liked the play, or stories in general, because it was so open ended and we still discuss it days later still exchanging wild scenarios that oddly tie in. I really like how you can almost rewrite the story on your own terms whichever way works for you.


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