World’s Majority Day at Lab

March 29 was World’s Majority Day at Lab where three of the biggest racial ethnicity clubs, Asian Culture Club, Black Alliance Club, and Spanglish were brought together. The intention of this collaboration between clubs, is to show that despite our differences, we all share one common thought: we are treated like the minority,  even though we are actually the majority. As a member of Asian Culture Club,  I was very happy to be able to participate in the assembly. It allowed me to show people a different side of me and it allowed me to show my culture to everyone. I felt a sense of pride in my racial background.

There were many times, however, I wished I wasn’t Asian. People had always assumed things from me because of my race. They thought that I must be smart, that I must be from China,  that I must speak Chinese, that I must live in Chinatown, that I must be short, that I must look like or am related to every other Asian out there,  that must be a lot of things that I am simply not. whether or not any of these are true, I hate being predetermined by my race and not by my character and who I really am.

There are a lot of times I am treated differently because of my race. And all of those times are dreadful. I hated being predetermined by others. I hated being sought out for stupid pranks where people come up to you and say: ching chong makkahaiya, whatever the hell that means. I hated being mistaken for another Asian person or for that person’s relative. I hated being left alone in the crowd simply because I am Asian. It might seem like the things I are small, but when it gets piled onto you, it suffocates you.

Being Asian American is rough. Many stereotypes are brought upon being Asian American. People don’t understand what it is to be Asian because they are immune to the treatment. Even though I hate being treated differently, I wouldn’t trade my racial ethnicity for anything else because I am proud of my culture even if others don’t understand it and I’m glad to be able to showcase that through World’s Majority Day.


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